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At BuildGreen, we believe every business should realize comfortable, affordable and healthy for all of it’s occupants while leaving the lowest impact on the environment and your wallet.  If you face problems such as drafts, uneven heating and cooling, inadequate heating and cooling, excessive utility bills, high indoor humidity, allergies and dust, we can help.

Government estimates predict that most businesses can reduce energy use by 30% fairly easily.  Step One to your savings is a buildgreen energy audit by a certified energy rater.  After this professional testing, in Step Two, we’ll present you with a report about your buildings performance and recommendations for improvements.  We keep your budget foremost in mind, so our recommendations start with the easiest and most affordable fixes: sealing air leaks and preventing heat gain and loss.  We move to more intensive retrofits as your needs and budget allow.

In Step Three, we implement the improvements you’ve decided upon.  We conduct post-testing and metering to confirm that our renovations perform to your expectations.  Finally, some clients are interested in Step Four of the buildgreen process:  a detailed retrofit of the home’s energy system including ductwork and heating/air.   While more involved, this level of redesign permits the greatest savings and often involves renewable energy systems which generate a portion of the home’s power and are eligible for government tax credits.

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