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The difference is that these are GREEN Energy Efficient homes!

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We build GREEN homes in Myrtle Beach, SC – Charleston, SC – Florence, SC – Wilmington, NC and… BEYOND!

News Flash! Only BuildGreen Industries Offers a HERS rating of 30 in Eastern South Carolina!

At Buildgreen Industries we build energy efficient homes using smart green technologies that are available today! The process is not just a bunch of so called energy saving products thrown into a new home to make people feel good while not really realizing a significant energy savings. No instead Buildgreen Industries pioneered a brand new approach to building real energy efficient homes as a single, well oiled machine. The construction process actually starts underground at the proposed home site once green home builder/designer Tom Baker from Myrtle Beach has determined the lifestyle, amenities and comfort desires of the customer! Tom has built energy efficient GREEN homes throughout the Carolina’s in areas including Myrtle Beach, SC, Charleston, SC, Florence SC, Wilmington, NC and beyond. Tom has a portfolio of previously built energy efficient homes with stats to prove the savings and value of his projects.

The earth itself and any body of water offers a wealth of energy. Tom Baker can feel that energy emitting from the ground when he stands at a new home site. He can visualize the horizontal ground loop that will run around the new home to condition the geothermal energy efficient heat-pump inside the home, the storm-water recovery pond that will actually be under the home will make this property dryer than it was before the house was built while eliminating pooling on the surface. The groundwater will be converted to reusable grey water and a free energy source to help condition the homes living space.

This new home will be constructed with ICF (insulated concrete form) exterior walls. ICF walls are storm proof and offer consistent radiant temperatures as the stable ground temperature influences the structure. Your family will be safe in an ICF constructed home as they easily pass the 100 mile per hour 2×4 test and offer superior insulation properties.

This new home will be completely “enveloped” (spray foam sealed to encapsulate the entire home including the unconditioned spaces). Radiant barriers will be installed to completely seal off the conditioned living space with the environment outside. This process offers the absolute maximum insulation properties and completely isolates the inside environment from outside conditions. Fresh air is introduced into the home in a controlled manner after it is conditioned, purified & dehumidified. This new home will be virtually free of allergens with clean, healthy air.

On top of the house will be a metal roof that is 70% more efficient in blocking the suns heat than  conventional asphalt roofs. This roof will outlive most of the owners all with no additional cost to the customer.

The Geothermal Heat Pump will have all of its components inside the home in the conditioned space. This means no noisy compressors outside rotting in the rain. The self contained Geo Thermal Heat Pump is expected to last twice as long as conventional Heat Pumps because it is not outside in the elements or in a 120 degree attic. This Heat Pump is comfortable and quiet inside the home just like you are. I cools itself using water from the horizontal ground loop Tom installed underground and around the home. The ground loop is basically an underground piping installed 7′ below the surface. At that depth the ground temperature in South Carolina is approximately 57 Degrees year round. The geothermal heat pump will be able to work at it’s optimum performance year round regardless of how hot or cold it is outside the green home. This Heat Pump will also be much smaller than expected to service a 3000 sq ft home because the home is so well insulated and we do not have the temperature loss that conventional homes do in the winter or hot summer months.






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