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Sept 27 – Sept 29 2013 – Myrtle Beach Convention Center


Buildgreen Industries, LLC is a licensed (SC and NC) general contracting company focused on building high-performance homes.  All our homes are constructed with Amvic Insulated Concrete Forms for strength, durability and energy conservation.  Every home has a custom-designed HVAC system that maximizes energy-efficiency, comfort and health.

At Buildgreen Industries, we have a vision:  to reduce home energy consumption by at least 50% compared to conventionally-build houses and to guarantee the energy usage of every HVAC system that we install.  We put that extra care into design and execution that makes our vision your reality.

Buildgreen Industries is a regional leader in the use of horizontal ground source energy loop systems (geothermal) for HVAC.  These systems take advantage of the ground temperature along the Carolina coast to provide heating, cooling and hot water at a lower cost.

Our services include turnkey new home construction, consultation with homeowner contractors or other general contractors, and retrofits of existing homes for improved performance.

We work within your budget, save you money on energy costs, and reduce the lifetime costs of home ownership.

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Tom W. Baker
Buildgreen Industries, LLC
*South Carolina Licensed General Contractor
*South Carolina Licensed Mechanical Contractor
*North Carolina Licensed General Contractor
*South Carolina Commercial Swimming Pool License
As the owner-operator of Buildgreen Industries, I bring thirty years of experience to my mission of constructing high-performance buildings that approach net-zero energy use for heating and cooling.  My core belief is that responsible green building begins with conservation, and my core practices are to construct a superior building envelope using ICF and to install maximally-efficient HVAC systems based on thoughtful design and effective air-distribution.  As a licensed Mechanical Contractor as well, I have the expertise to conceptualize and install mechanical systems that complement the building’s structure and are based on best practices of equipment sizing and air distribution.  I provide a guarantee for energy use for heating and cooling in the structures I build.  My experience in all phases of construction, my knowledge of concrete construction technology, and my training in energy conservation all contribute to my determination to build structures that are extremely energy-efficient, storm-resistant, healthy, and comfortable for green ind logo 07 2013

REFERENCES (contact information available on request)

Homeowner, Wild Pine Ct., Bolivia NC
Homeowner, Redberry Lane, Green Sea SC
Homeowner, Wild Dunes Ct, Myrtle Beach SC

Trade & Suppliers:
East Coast Distributors, Myrtle Beach SC
SCP, Myrtle Beach SC
Comfort Air,
Amvic, Toronto CAN

Joel Carter, Architect, Myrtle Beach SC
Steve Powell, Engineer, Myrtle Beach SC


 Case Studies

slider_bolivia_front3000 SF house in Bolivia NC
Guaranteed HVAC usage
ICF concrete construction
Energy-enveloped roof diaphragm
Geothermal HVAC (horizontal ground closed loop piping)
Guaranteed annual HVAC energy use less than 7200 Kwh
At today’s costs, that less than $60/month

slider_green_sea_front2000 SF house in Green Sea Floyds, SC
ICF concrete construction
Energy-enveloped crawl space & roof diaphragm
Geothermal HVAC (horizontal ground loop)
Guaranteed annual HVAC energy use of less than 3600 Kwh
At today’s costs, that less than $30/month

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Visit amvic official website for more information about ICF "Insulated Concrete Form" construction.

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