They look just like any other house!

The difference is that these are GREEN Energy Efficient homes!

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At Carter Architecture we provide services for Commercial, Resort, Energy, Religious, Multi-Family, Zoning, Historical, Urban and Land Planning, Interior Architecture, Healthcare, and Energy Efficient Home Design Consulting projects.

Design Philosophy


Creative Solutions, Listening to You!

We believe that your primary concerns fuel our creativity to produce your best design solutions.

We specialize in listening to our clients and producing responsive design and construction solutions, whether for one piece furniture or cabinet design or for large multi-discipline or multi-phase projects. By listening, our designs have received awards and recognition; nationally, regionally and by our Owners.

Our Project Approach

■ Holistic Project Management:

Great project management guides the pre-design, design and construction document phases which support a successful contract administration and construction phase and concludes with a great project.

■ Participatory Teamwork

We are committed to a team approach with all project participants, with representative leaders tasking all participants to optimum performance and coordinated excellence.

Principles of great team relationships are keys to successful projects.

■ Imprinting via Pre-Design/Programming Planning

These conceptual design phases imprint the wishes, desires and dreams for ideal project goals. The design work plan ensures that design, quality, schedule and financial requirements are met.

■ Follow Through and Coordination during Design, Design Development Presentation, Contract Documentation, Contract Administration, Construction, and Post Construction

Regular Owner/User/Regulatory Agency Input review and approvals of design, schedule, operation and budget are monitored at key review meetings and submittals. Workshops, status reports, and meeting notes ensure Team tracking of design input, feedback and decisions.

■ 24/7 Availability of the Design Team Representatives

■ Quality Assurance Coordination Program Implementation

■ Monitoring a Cost Benefits Compliance Control Program

■ Optimizing Solutions via Research, Technology and Flexibility

■ Principal Level Involvement and Project Management

Architectural Design Process- Project Phases

At Carter Architecture, every project we undertake goes through the industry-standard architect design process. The architectural design process is divided into the following architectural phases:

1. Pre-Design Phase: We establish the scope of the project and define project goals. Here, we take into account the Owner’s design, time, and cost requirements along with site-specific considerations.

2. Site Analysis Phase: Site-specific considerations are defined in detail.

3. Schematic Design Phase: We establish conceptual design and site planning.

4. Design Development Phase: The project scope is further refined, including architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical systems, materials and other elements as deemed appropriate to the project. In this phase Owners will be asked to approve the selections and included systems and finishes.

5. Construction Documents Phase: We produce the full set of working drawings for the project. Here, project elements and requirements are set forth in detail. Drawings are fully prepared and able to be submitted for bidding and permits. Specifications are written to accompany the working drawings.

6. Contract Administration Phase: Bids or negotiated proposals are solicited, obtained, and contracts are awarded. Plans are submitted for building permits. Coordinate with contractors and consultants to answer design or construction queries. During construction we verify completion of stages, after construction we provide punch lists and assistance in owner’s use and occupancy of the project.

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